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In an era where technology is advancing rapidly, the AV industry is still trying to wrap its collective heads around such things as AI and the metaverse. For now, the concept of sentient tech remains controversial and fraught with myriad ethical concerns. It brings to mind how such things are portrayed in film and television. It begs the question, how will we know any application has achieved a consciousness unless it tells us?

The purpose of this article isn’t to promote this idea or denigrate those who believe we’ve reached this technological milestone or soon will. That debate is still raging on various tech websites and forums among people far smarter than us and with all the ferocity of a political or religious topic. But anyone who’s worked in technology knows new developments hit us at the speed of light, and it’s best to consider at least how things might impact your industry.

In terms of potential impact to pro AV, it is probably along the lines of personalization of experience through digital assistants.