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The Freedom to Split, Switch, Matrix and Extend Ultra HD

1080p-to-4kGefen now provides a wide portfolio of solutions to upgrade systems to 4K Ultra HD resolutions. Whether it’s a simple home theater or a large video distribution network, our products are designed for simple Plug-and-Play installation, while including the pro features you won’t find elsewhere. HDMI is an excellent, uncompressed medium for delivery of 4K content suitable for a variety of environments. Upgrading systems to 4K provides massive benefits in picture resolution, and dramatically “ups” the visual impact to customers. Create striking digital signage displays, high-impact corporate presentations and more, with the help of Gefen’s Ultra HD compatible products.

Professional features standard with Gefen.

advanced-edidAdvanced EDID Management *
Easily resolve common source and display issues by setting a custom EDID setting for your display.
fstFast Switching Technology *
FST provides quicker switching between different audio/video sources. In addition to fast switching, it improves overall audio/video system behavior and performance when more than one Ultra HD display is used in the system. FST allows users to connect/disconnect and turn displays on or off without affecting other hi-def sources routed to other HDTV displays in the same system.
toslinkTOSLINK® Digital Audio Output*
Units with a TOSLINK output extract digital audio signals from HDMI and provide separate TOSLINK outputs for use with audio receivers and other devices.
web-server-interfaceTotal Control: Web Server Interface, Telnet, UDP and RS-232 control *
Control the functions of your Gefen device using the built-in Web Server Interface, IP (Telnet and UDP), and RS-232.
3d3D Support
Always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, Gefen supplies the infrastructure you need to build a next generation audio/video system capable of delivering 3DTV for stunning visuals.

*Available on select models.

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