About Us

Kiran Infosystems mission is to offer innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals. Products include scan converters, video windowing systems, multi-input processors, keyers/overlayers, seamless switchers, video scalers, multi-screen displays, and high scan rate recording devices.

From recommending equipment to seamlessly installing the system within your network to training key personnel, our vast experience ensures project success. At Kiran Infosystems, we also take proactive measures to meet your present and future needs. Whenever possible, we use components that allow remote diagnostics, providing efficient troubleshooting and repair. Scalability is also a key factor. We provide interface expansion capability as a standard, maximizing your return on investment.

Throughout the history of our company, the success and reputation of the Kiran Infosystems brand has been defined by our continuous commitment to Total Quality, and it shows with every product we make. Put simply; microphones and audio electronics are our life. So whether you’re a life-long Kiran Infosystems groupie, or purchasing Kiran Infosystems products for the first time, we’re confident you’ll experience the same level of Total Quality audio professionals have appreciated for considerable number of years.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our extensive roster of satisfied clients is a testament to our unique, customer-centric approach. From classrooms and courtrooms to control rooms and boardrooms, Kiran Infosystems deliver seamless, scalable and highly functional multimedia solutions to help you achieve your communications and presentation objectives using cutting-edge AV Technology.

If you need reliability, accountability and flawless execution of your mission-critical AV project, turn to the professionals at Kiran Infosystems. You can be rest assured that Kiran Infosystems will get the job done–on time and within budget–and supply the service, training and maintenance you’re seeking from a long-term service partner/provider.