Audio / Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing


Multiple shooting locations. Remote guests. Coast-to-coast operations and tight production deadlines. These are the major challenges that today’s studios and production companies confront.

However, by using Video and Audio conferencing solutions, studios and production companies are saving significant costs and shortening production times. That’s because instead of traveling, they turn to collaboration solutions to communicate with studio executives, producers, writers, special effects artists and other key stakeholders. Video and Audio conferencing is the most effective and flexible way to interact in a true-to-life and relaxed setting with remote guests for live broadcasts.

Conference Phones

Audio conference phones deliver remarkable performance and flexibility for nearly every type of room or network environment.





Installed Audio

Installed audio solutions deliver high-performance voice conferencing for nearly any type of room. Enjoy exceptional audio quality in standard-size conference rooms and boardrooms, in the largest training centers, and in classrooms of all sizes.