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Ideal for ultra Short Throw Projectors. This contrast-enhancing technology absorbs ambient light from other light sources than the projector.

This optical technology has a triangular, black, horizontal lenticular structure, and is coated with reflecting material on the side facing the Ultra Short Throw projector.

The black topside of the reflector absorbs ambient light from above, whereas light from the projector is reflected by the white coating and directed towards the audience.

DNP Supernova

The screen material offers best performance and image contrast when the projector is below the screen and the reflector is pointing downwards.

Note that the lens is not protected with a surface coating, as in the case of the Fresnel lens technology screen material, making this screen technology unsuitable for touch and interactive uses.

Black/white Lenticular screen material is available in sheets.

It can be rolled for easy transportation and laminated on a substrate or tensioned for perfect flatness.

Available for: dnp Supernova STE and dnp Supernova STW