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How to deliver top-quality images for use by senior government officials – on a refurbishment budget? Omnix International of Abu Dhabi was set this challenge. The solution was one of the first installations of dnp LaserPanels in meeting rooms, and makes it our Installation of the Month for March 2016.

Government ministry refurbishment
When meeting rooms at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, needed refurbishment, MOFA’s existing supplier Omnix International was called in to advise on the AV system. MOFA wanted a large LCD display (around 90” or more) with all the associated AV components and controls.

Balancing quality and price
High-quality images were essential to support the work of MOFA’s senior officials and visitors. However, the budget was of course geared only to refurbishment, so hitting the sweet spot between quality and price was essential. And the equipment had to be reliable in day-to-day interactive use.

Cost effective solution from dnp
The discussion about screens was based initially on a standard projector with lift and motorized screen. MOFA wanted economical LCD screens of at least 85”, with the Samsung 85” TV, NEC 98” UHD and Samsung 110” 4k under consideration. “We proposed a 100” dnp LaserPanel Touch instead. That would achieve the same result at the required size, but much more cost-effectively,” says Mohammad Riyaz, Manager Pre-Sales/Design at Omnix International.

See dnp LaserPanel product video

Installed and delivering results
Based on optical screen technology, dnp LaserPanels are supplied as a convenient package containing screen, laser projector and projector mount. MOFA was convinced, and two meeting rooms now feature dnp LaserPanel Touch.

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