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Optical front projection and rear projection screens from dnp provide many of the same benefits. Both projection screen types offer enhanced contrast and brightness compared to conventional non-optical projection screens.

When this is said, there are major differences. Generally speaking, optical rear projection screens generate the best image, but they also require more space.
Optical front projection screens are extremely space-effective, but also less resistant to ambient light than dnp rear projection screens.

Below on this page you can see the benefits for front and rear projection screens. We can also easily help you to decide, if you provide your contact details by clicking “Request Quote” on the box to the right. The request is noncommittal and we will do anything we can to help you decide if you need a rear or front projection screen.

Benefits with front and rear projection screens

dnp front projection screens

  •  Easy to install
  •  No dedicated projection room required
  •  Space-effective design
  •  Cost-effective solution
  •  Enhanced mobility of screen and projector

dnp rear projection screens

  •  Enhanced contrast and image brightness
  •  Suitable for high brightness applications
  •  No shadows from the presenter on screen
  •  Projectier is hidden behind the screen
  •  Noise-free operation

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