2X2 (2)LED technology can illuminate specific areas of the screen where needed for clearer, brighter, higher contrast images. Plus, LED technology is mercury free and produces less heat than CCFL technology, resulting in lower energy usage and a cleaner environment. Also, unlike CCFL-based LCDs, LED-based displays can operate continuously without overheating.


There are two types of LED display screens based on two different types of technology:

  • Direct-type technology. The LED BLUs (backlight units) cover the entire back of the screen
  • Edge-type technology. The LED BLUs are on the sides of the screen, creating a thin profile.

Edge-type LED display screens offer various advantages over direct-type LED display screens, such as a thinner profile. Direct-type LED display screens have the advantage of local dimming, which is the ability to turn off or dim specific areas of the screen to produce deep blacks and high contrast. However, direct-type technology also creates halos around bright objects.

Edge-type and direct-type technology require light guide plate technology (large diffuser plates) for even distribution of light and efficient heat radiation technology. A heat protection sheet keeps the unit cool, which results in higher reliability.